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With its 50 years of experience and know-how in collagen, Sel Sanayi has broken a new ground and launched the production of 100% bovine gelatin, SelJel , from cattle hides in Turkey.

SelJel Edible gelatin is produced in Balkesir, Gonen, in a plant with an enclosed area of 9.500 m on a field of 25.000 m, in accordance with the EU food safety norms. The traceability of the production process is ensured by a special computer program prepared exclusively for SelJel..

What is Gelatine?

Gelatine is a pure protein derived from hydrolysis of collagen inside bovine hides and/or bones. It consists of 85-90 % protein, 10-12% water and 2-3% mineral and has a nutritional value of approximately 350-400 kcal in 100 grams. Gelatine is not considered as an additive in European Union Food Safety Codex and Turkish Food Codex, and it contains all the essential amino acids required for human body with the exception of tryptophan. Therefore, gelatin is not labeled with E code, which is assigned to food additives. The most distinguishing property of gelatin is its thermo-reversibility. When a gelatin formulation is heated it liquefies and then gels when it is cooled down. This process is quickly achieved and can be repeated without any major changes to the quality.

Application Areas

Gelatine is widely used in various fields of food industry due to its stabilizing, gelling, clarification, balancing, foaming, emulsion forming and stabilization, and film forming properties. Gelatine is mostly used by confectionary industry in the production of marshmallows, soft and toffee type candies. Gelatine is also used for clarification of wines and juices, in meat and milk products and also since gelatin is a pure protein, it is also used in the supplementary nutriments and drinks that are used by sportsmen.


Seljel is produced from 100% bovine hides as Type A and Type B. Type A implies that raw material is pretreated with acid, and Type B pretreated with lime. SelJel is produced without human touch in accordance with EU norms and EC regulations No 853/2004 and No 2073/2005. Production starts with the cutting of raw materials and transfer to the pretreatment just after its entry to the factory. Following maturing period, raw materials are washed, boiled, passed through three separate filters and sterilized. Sterilization is carried out with UHT technique as required by EU norms. Sterilized gelatin is transferred to drying tunnel and stored as intermediate product after drying process. In parallel with customers demands, special blends are issued from intermediate products and tailor-made gelatins are prepared, meeting all the requirements.

Our Quality Concept

Seljel is tested at our factory laboratory at all stages of production by world-wide recognized and approved standard methods. Laboratory tests, which begin during production, are also applied to intermediary and finished products. Gelatines are delivered to customers after their conformity is approved by tests carried out in the physical, chemical and microbiological laboratories. Our test standards do not only approve the conformity of the products, but also give us the chance to assure our quality. Conformity and quality are two essential elements of SelJel.


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