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VATEKS Nonwovens, Turkey's leading nonwoven producer, is a growing technology-driven company located in Istanbul that specializes in manufacturing and marketing a broad range of nonwoven products. Being one of the pioneers in the nonwovens industry, Vateks was established in 1976. With its innovations and creativity over the decades, Vateks has had great impact on the development and evaluation of the nonwovens sector in Turkey. With a wide range of nonwoven process technologies, VATEKS supplies nonwovens to largest consumer and industrial product manufacturers worldwide. As an ISO 9001 and Oeko-Tex certified company, VATEKS has an established customer base in the developed markets of Europe, as well as in emerging markets such as North Africa, South America, Middle Eastand Eastern Europe.

Vateks is producing the raw material for the hygiene, textile, medical, construction, automotive, filtration, cable, footwear and household cleaning industries.

VATEKS is committed to intensively focus on modifying existing and developing new products and technologies to meet the ever-changing requirements of its customers on a global basis.

Service, Variety, Creativity, Know-How, and Quality are the main objectives and mission of Vateks

Textile - Interlining
By constantly investing in Research and Development, Vateks has been producing nonwoven interlinings and embroidery backings for the textile sector. Using the latest technologies in production that vary from paste point to scatter coating to stitch bonded and double dot, Vateks is serving its customers with its proven worldwide quality.
Termolin 9000, Termolin Double-Dot, Akdeniz, Marmara, Karadeniz- are the globally established brand names of Vateks.

Hygiene and Medical
Being the first producer of nonwoven for the hygiene sector in Turkey, Vateks is producing the raw material with its expertise and quality of more than a quarter of century.Vateks is serving the wet wipes, baby diapers, feminine hygiene, woundcare, and surgical gowns sectors. Vateks is using the finest Lenzing viscose fiber in its production.

Cleaning Cloths, Scourers & Mops
Starting the production from the main raw material viscose and finishing off with packaging by a complete manufacturing process, Vateks produces both roll and finished wipes for the cleaning industries.
Besides its own brand REST, manufacturing for the private label industry is also another expertise area for Vateks. Vateks is using the finest Lenzing viscose fiber in its production.

Industrial and Specialty
In the industrial arena, Vateks has proven its expertise and quality with geotextile by producing and supplying the raw material for important projects such as Istanbul Subway, GAP, TEM 6 Highway, Bolu Tunnel etc...
In addition to geotextile, Vateks is also producing specialized nonwovens for the filter, cable, footwear and automotive sectors.


Headquarter :
Hac Ahmet Mahallesi, Irmak Caddesi,
DLP No.1/5,
34440 Beyolu

Tel :
+90 212 253 6235

Fax :
+90 212 253 7778

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Factory :
Cebeci Cad. No:82


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